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Jury Information and FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding jury service in the 316th District Court:

Why is jury service important?

The right to a jury trial is one of the most important freedoms we have in this country. That freedom cannot be realized without good citizens who are willing to give their time to serve on juries. To learn more about the importance of jury service, go to the website americanjuror.org and watch the videos.

If I have a conflict with the date I am to report, may I change it?

Yes. You may ask for one change to a more convenient time. Call the Court Coordinator and tell them about your conflict. They will assign you to a different panel.

Can I change the date of service more than once?

Not ordinarily, unless the change is needed because of an emergency or unusual situation.

Can I get excused if I need to work?

Under the law, the Court cannot excuse you for an economic reason unless both attorneys agree. If both attorneys agree and there are enough jurors, you may be able to be excused.

What should I do if I really need to work on the date of the summons?

You can ask for one change of the date which hopefully will be to a more convenient time or you may appear at the time and date summoned and ask for a hardship excuse.

What is considered a hardship excuse?

It depends, but usually some reason that it would be uncommonly difficult or hard for you to serve. Inconvenience or needing to work will not ordinarily be enough since most everyone serving is inconvenienced or needs to work.

What if I am disqualified from jury service or if I want to claim an exemption?

The qualifications and exemptions are printed on the summons. If you are disqualified, or you wish to claim an exemption, circle the reason you are disqualified, or entitled to an exemption, sign the summons, and mail or take it to the District Clerk.

What if I am disqualified or have a hardship and don't return my summons?

You will receive a letter imposing a fine. To claim a disqualification or exemption, you must do so by returning your summons properly completed and signed, or personally appear for service and assert your disqualification or claim your exemption at that time.